Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to Marion Carry


Here you will find images and information regarding my Custom Concealex Sheaths.

I can make a sheath for just about any knife, feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to discuss your project with you.


Friday, January 8, 2010

My latest sheath work!

Some images of my latest work...

A thermo-form sheath is not the usual choice for knife like the Spyderco BushcraftUK, but some like the utility of Kydex/Concealex.

Recently, there were some good deals to be had on the Ontario RTAK II, and so I have made a couple of these sheaths lately, and this one is a bit different, with extra eyelets for lashing gear to the sheath to make a 'sheath kit', Russ shared this idea with me.

I have built a couple of these for the Ontario TAK before, but this one is Black, so it deserves an image.

And something of a stylish image of a sheath for the Ontario RAT 7, in OD Green (thought it is hard to tell, in this image).

The sheath that comes with the Hultafors HVK is pretty good for the type, but you just can't beat the modularity of this style of sheath.

My brother wanted this ESEE Knives 3, and this is the sheath I built for him, and shown is the Spyderco G Clip attached.

The ESEE Knives 3, with a Army FireSteel Loop, and a Blade-Tech Tek Lok set up for horizontal carry. Blaze Orange!

Three colors of Becker Necker sheaths, Black, OD Green and Sand.

An OD Green sheath for the Mora 2000.

I am not a big fan of fold-over sheaths, as they don't function quite as well, but the fold-over is perfect for these knives, the Buck Pak-Lite Skinner, and the Buck Pak-Lite Caper.

Thank you,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nordic Concealex Sheaths, Affordable Concealex Sheaths for Nordic Knives

I have long had an appreciation for the affordable knives that comes out of the Nordic countries, from brands like Frosts of Sweden, KJ Eriksson, Normark, Martiini, Kellam, Lauri, and Mora.

In fact, when I began to make Custom Concealex Sheaths some of the first knives I made sheaths for, were these same blades.

But, it took me awhile to figure out how to make an affordable and useful sheath for these popular and affordable knives.

Now, with some experience under my belt, and having made sheaths for these knives, I have found a way to offer these sheaths at a more affordable price.

For the purpose of simplicity, I call these my Nordic Concealex Sheaths, in honour of these great knives.

These fine sheaths, built to match the Utility and Affordability of the Nordic Knives they will hold, start at only $20, shipping included complimentary to the US and Canada (shipped internationally for a very small charge, inquire for details).

Email me at for ordering details.

My Nordic Concealex Sheaths offer great modularity, possessing hollow rivets and holes positioned at 1/2 inch intervals, they are built to effortlessly match up with the very best in belt attachments currently on the market.

Here is an image of some of the attachments available. And I will update this image with more attachments, as I have examples.

Of course, belt carry is always an option, and probably the most common way to carry a knife...

In this case, this Nordic Concealex Sheath is paired with a FireSteel Holder and a Blade-Tech Klip, a fine carry method that allows the knife to be removed from the belt without taking the belt off. Here are a couple images of the set-up, off the belt...

Here are a couple more ways you can carry one of these Nordic Concealex Sheaths... In the image above, showing the multiple carry attachments, the one in the top left hand corner is the mini Tek Lok, from Blade-Tech. Made for folks you use a fairly narrow belt, with it there are a number of ways you can carry your knife in it's Nordic Concealex Sheath...

Vertical. And note, you can position the clip anywhere around on the belt for the carry position you are looking for.

Horizontal. And like I mentioned above, you can move this to a location to suit you, such as cross draw, a popular method.

Canted. And like I mentioned above, you can move this to a location to suit you, such as cross draw, a popular method.

As well, with a simple bit of cord, threaded through one of the holes or hollow rivets, a whole range of carry options are available for my Nordic Concealex Sheaths.

Here is one example.

My Nordic Concealex Sheaths consist of .060 Concealex(like Kydex), thermo-fit for a lightweight yet sturdy sheath that will hold your knife securely, even while upside down. This makes my Nordic Concealex Sheaths a great solution for use on a pack strap, or on a PFD or Life Jacket.

When compared to the standard sheath that comes with these knives, my Nordic Concealex Sheaths offer quite a bit more flexibility in use. Instead of a fixed belt loop that may not fit your carry needs and that does not allow for any changes, my Nordic Concealex Sheaths allow you to carry your Nordic knife many different ways, allowing you to find the ways that best suit you. I have a couple photos showing this here...

Considering inclement weather or use around water, my Nordic Concealex Sheaths offer a drain hole to allow moisture in the sheath to escape.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, I have some of the most popular knives of this type, on hand, this means that you do not have to send your knife to me, this saves you time, effort and expense.

You simply tell me which of the knives that you want a sheath for. I then make your sheath with my knife, ship it to you, and you get to enjoy the value of a Custom Concealex Sheath.

As well, a number of fine belt attachments are available, additionally. And soon to be forthcoming, attachments that will hold FireSteels and Strikers.

Finally, for your special project or need, I can custom make an attachment, feel free to email me for details.


You can see a list with images, of the knives I have on hand to make sheaths with here.

One of my customers posted a review at BladeForums, in the Wilderness and Survival Skills forum, here... Thank you Jim!

Another customer, from Canada, posted a nice review with some really great images... Thank you Switchblade!

A Swick Sheath...

In discussing my Custom Concealex sheath work with a gentleman from one of the Forum Boards, I realized that I had not made a sheath for a Swick lately.

So I made one...

And I would like to point out that the spacing of holes and hollow rivets along the bottom allows use with all the standard Blade-Tech accessories and the Spyderco G-clip too.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Examples of My Custom Concealex Work

I have a couple new sheaths to show off...

Blaze Orange Kydex for the ESEE (formerly Rat Cutlery) Izula and ESEE(RC)-3

Black and OD Green Concealex and Blaze Orange Kydex for the Ka-Bar Becker Knives BK11

This is a Concealex Sheath for the Mora Clipper, in these images, I have included the original sheath, for comparison.

Also, when I posted that sheath at BladeForums, I was asked if I made a sheath for the Mora 2000, so I built one of those, as well.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Halpern Titanium G-10 Scales for the Spyderco Mule Team Knives...

I have the Halpern Titanium G-10 Grips for the Spyderco Mule Team Knives

Which means, that if you have bought a pair of these grips, I am able to make a Concealex sheath for your knife, and you don't need to send your knife to me.

Here is an image of a couple of sheaths I made for my Mules that sport the HT Grips...

Please contact me if I can assist you, with your sheathing needs.

And learn more about the Spyderco Mule Team Knives and the Halpern Titanium G-10 handle scales at....


PS - One of my customers, with one of my sheaths for the Mule with Halpern Grips, posted a small review with images over at USN, you might like to check it out...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Images of some of my Older Work...

I though I might post, and show you some of my older sheaths, back then, they were a bit funky shaped sometimes, but they all have top rate retention.

Thank you,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marion Carry Cusom Concealex OD Green Sheaths for Ontario TAK and RTAKII

I just finished these up, going to two different people, but both in OD Green....

A sheath for a Ontario RTAKII...

A sheath for a Ontario TAK...

And then, my friend with the Ontario TAK, decided since he has two of them, that he should have one in Blaze Orange...

Thank you,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Strider Wrap and Concealex Sheath for a Spyderco Mule Team Knife

This is a sheath I made awhile back, for a Mule I wrapped with a Strider Wrap.

Thank you,

Recent Sheaths...

These are some sheaths I made for the Spyderco Mule Team Knife....

First up, we have a sheath I made to fit the Spyderco Mule Team, without handle scales.... A Mule Skeleton Sheath...

Next, I wrapped a Mule with a Double Strand Twist Wrap, and made a sheath for it...

Thank you,